Looking for Treasure

treasure4A ship carrying a cargo valued at $3 billion has recently been discovered after having been ship-wrecked over 70 years ago. There is likely to be a battle as to who gets to keep the treasure if it is successfully recovered. Is there anything more exciting than a treasure hunt? No doubt millions are being spent yearly in an effort to find and recover the over $60 billion that is estimated to be “lost at sea.”

Springing forth from a Truth that was revealed to me in writing “A Thankful Heart,” is the realization that there is unfound treasure all around us. It is within the people we live with, and the people we interact with on a daily basis, as well as the people we pass by with hardly a glance. Many times it is as if we are in our own little world in orbit around the sun, never touching the others who orbit around the same sun on a different path. I am for crossing paths, merging universes, and finding treasure.

treasure3How do we discover treasure in those around us?  Ask questions. Dig deeper. Make conversation. How do  they feel about their work, what hobbies do they have? Do they have pets? What are they passionate about? Who are they? We will find that they are people with people in their lives. They have families, friends, co-workers. They have hopes, dreams, struggles, disappointments. Each one has a story to tell and treasure to be found.

A friend of mine wrote a blog recently about the contrasting emotions she felt when her path crossed with a homeless person. Her answer was to simply “look at them.” This is exactly what we can do for each person we encounter, whether they are family members or co-workers or those less fortunate than us such as the homeless one. We can look, and look deeper and ask God to show us the treasure within.

When I wrote “A Thankful Heart,” I referenced an article called “Increase Your Happiness; Build Gratitude Chains.” David Pollay suggested in his article that when we are thankful for something, even something simple such as green beans, that we stop and think about the worker who ran the machine that canned the beans, the store clerk who put it on the shelf, the driver of the truck who delivered to the store. So many hands touch the things that make our life a little better, a little more interesting. We are meeting people every day who are doing things that affect others, possibly ourselves indirectly.

Find out what’s going on with some of the people you meet today. What’s important or interesting to them? What treasure is hidden there? If we learn to explore the treasures within our reach each day, we will indeed be richer for the experience.treasure1

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