30 Days to Happiness: M is for Meet


Meet Everyone Everywhere Today


meetM is for meet; E is for everyone; E is for everywhere; T is for today. I don’t know about you, but that conjures up a ridiculous picture of me walking down the street sticking my hand out to everyone, saying “Hi, I’m Sharon. And you are?” Within minutes, someone would send the men in white coats to pick me up or  worse,  they might think I’m a politician vying for their votes. No kissing babies for me.

When the acronym presented itself to me, I  liked it as a reminder that  we actually do meet people everywhere every day. There are people everywhere. When I connect with the one in front of me, I meet them right where they are. I can look them in the eye, remember that they are a person with a life just as important as mine. Many people have troubled lives, sad lives, destructive lives. Others have peaceful lives, prosperous lives, interesting lives, but, no one has it all together.

When I take this word “meet” as a guide word, it leads me to reach out to people and recognize that they are a person just like me. My natural curiosity and sincere interest will cause me to ask questions so that I can see through the window into their life for a moment. This expands my understanding of God’s infinite creativity. It enriches my life. It gives me the opportunity to project a ray of sunshine through that window . Hopefully they will see God’s love for them reflected in me as I let them see a bit of myself as well. If I get a chance to actually stick out a hand and get their name, then a true connection has been made, and I can truthfully say, “It was nice meeting you!”

So meet everyone everywhere today by acknowledging them as God’s creation, getting to know them a little bit, and opening up so they can see who you are as well.

Even though it’s not face-to-face, we’re actually meeting here today. Because of my curiosity and sincere interest, would you answer one of these questions, and as always feel free to ask one of your own. 1) Where is your favorite place to vacation? 2. How many people live in your house? 3. What kind of work do you do? and if you dare, 4. What is a challenge you are facing? I would be happy to send up a prayer on your behalf.

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  1. I love to vacation in San Diego . Two people live in my house. I am a writer. My biggest challenge is time management especially of my writing projects. How do you find balance in your life & writing life? I always find your posts engaging , inspiring & practical. Blessings to you this Easter Weekend.

    1. I am with you, Linda. Time management is a huge issue. I work full-time out of the house so I have only one or two days off a week. My writing time is when my husband and son go to bed in the evening. That is when I read what others have written, read Facebook, and write my posts. I am sometimes up until 2 a.m. Last night, it was 3. I can usually do fine on 7 hrs. sleep so I need to get to bed by 1:00. The last and most important thing I do in the evening is my 30 minutes of Bible meditation. I started this March 1 with Joyce Meyers. Now, it is the last thing I want to miss out on. I love meditating the word. I have now spent 30 days in Psalm 91, 15 days in Psalm 139 and I’m on to Proverbs 3 for the next 30 days. A lot of things go undone at my house. I have terrific support from my husband and my 21 year old son who has his own window cleaning business so he has some flexible time. He really does a lot to make up for what I can’t do if company is coming. Our schedules are crazy, but we manage to have family time, and have been having communion every night since near the 1st of March. That has been a great blessing. So all of this to answer your question on time management. And you are a writer? Do you have ebooks or other published work. I will poke around your site some more. I feel we have a lot in common, but I have nothing published yet. EAster Blessings to you and your family as well.

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