Love Speaks

Have you ever had your head filled with negative thoughts about yourself, thoughts that are relentless, thoughts that keep you focused on yourself and then beat you up for being selfish? Do you almost believe these thoughts are true? Are these thoughts trying to destroy your hope and cause you to fear you will never be more than you are? Please read carefully and hear the Word of the Lord for you.

Take a moment or longer and just pour out everything that is bothering you, everything you think is wrong with you. What are you hearing inside your head? What do you believe to be true about yourself and your situation?

“I am in big trouble with God. I am wallowing in self pity. Just look at me. I’m a terrible person. I am a joke. I’m a disappointment to God. I’m the opposite of everything I want to be. There’s no hope (that’s a classic) I’m not worth anything.” On and on, you talk.

love speaks4You look up to find that the Person you are talking to is smiling and smiling bigger and even laughing. He is hugging you and shedding some tears. God is saying how much He loves you. Can you hear Him? Do you see His face smiling at you? From the revelation of love, it all looks different. Not one bit of the bad things you thought about you matters to Him. You are not the least bit in trouble. It is all just smoke. It is the enemy trying to blind you from the overwhelming love of God. Open your eyes and see.

You realize: I am so loved. He delights in me, He delights in every hair on my head. He absolutely loves me. He isn’t mad at me one bit. There is absolutely nothing I can do that will make him love me less. Nothing can separate me from the love of God. Romans 8:35-39 tells us this. I might as well stop trying to get Him to love me, and just rest in it.

lovespeaks2He’s not disappointed with me. What I see as my failures or flaws, He doesn’t even look at. He’s not at all mad. It’s not an issue. He loves me just like I am and delights in what I am becoming. He knows the end from the beginning, and He wants me to see it too. As I stay close to Him, I will see it.

Should I surrender to Him?  To Someone Who loves me completely, Who has infinite resources, infinite wisdom? Will He be able to finish the work that He started in me?  Can He be trusted for my good?  I am seeing myself on a cliff about to jump into the pristine waters below. It is calling me. It is a new life, a life immersed in total trust,  guidance, joy, peace, and love. Will I take the plunge? Will He teach me to swim in new and beautiful and deeper waters? Will I surrender to Him and trust Him no matter what? Will you?

Black Rock



  1. Thank you for sharing these awesome words. They will help many. I especially like the idea of just confronting and pouring out all of the negative ideas, putting them in God’s hands 🙂

  2. Thanks for this read. I’ve been in the dumps the last two days and this is a good reminder. All I need and want in this world is the love of God and I have it so there’s nothing to fret about! 🙂

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