It’s a Small World After All

Ready, Get Set, Go!  It’s Friday, and I’m always excited to join Lisa-Jo  Baker for Five Minute Friday.

It’s the little things that make a difference.

It’s three words, “I love you.”

It’s two words,”I’m sorry!”

It’s five loaves and two fishes that fed five thousand.

It’s saying, “Good morning, Elizabeth,” at Chick-fil-a to acknowledge that she’s a real person, not an invisible one.

It’s giving a smile and a kind word.

It’s a phone call or a comment on a blog or facebook.

It’s doing little favors here and there and random acts of kindness.

It’s speaking the truth when it would be easier to stretch the truth.

It’s taking care of those in your family,doing what you can to make their life more comfortable and fun.

It’s being there to talk or pray when they need you.

It’s recognizing that I may be only one person of seven billion people on the planet, but I am one and in my little world, I can make a positive difference every day, and so can you.




  1. Beautiful thoughts! Thank you for this encouraging reminder. We never know when God may use a small act of kindness to greatly encourage someone. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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