17 Ways to Love Your Husband

Love2While we celebrate the month of love, ponder this list of ways to love your husband.

1. Be kind.

2. Be funny, lighthearted.

3. Be easy to get along with.

4. Remind him of his great qualities.

5. Use your eyelids. There are somethings you don’t need to focus on.

6. Be prompt.

7. Pray for him.

8. Support his dreams.

love19. Listen to him.

10. Ask questions about him.

11. Make sure you have date night regularly.

12. Talk calmly about things that bother you.

13. Come along side him and understand his frustrations.

14. Sometimes cook for him.

15. Kiss and hug often.

16. Talk to others about how wonderful he is.

17. Put the best connotation on everything he does. Give him a break.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments and Happy Valentine’s Month.




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