He’s My Hero

Larry hero

So I’ve been asked to write about a hero. There’s only one name that came to mind when I thought about it: My husband, Larry Jordan. I used to hear the song “Hero” by Mariah Carey and declare I wanted to sing it to him in public one day. (I can’t sing.) So perhaps the next best thing would be to write this article about him. Here’s a list of a few reasons he is my hero:

He rescued me from the mundane. I don’t think I would have reached very high or stretched very far without Larry’s vision and dreams and desire for more.

He stretched himself so I could stay home wtih the boys and even home school them.

He led us in countless hours of worship and prayer walking back and forth in the house with little boys trailing behind, jumping over stools to make it fun.

Most nights he stayed up till midnight praying on his own.

He cheered me on as I went back to work to be a teacher and principal at our church school.

He prayed that God would show me the same direction, he had been shown when he knew we were to move to Myrtle Beach. The biggest laugh of our life was when I told him that same day, “Don’t laugh, but we need to move to Myrtle Beach. All we need is a house and two jobs.” So we did.

He waged war against the enemy and protected us from struggles and stress, carrying it himself so I wouldn’t worry. Boy, was I mad when I found out.

He has always been a man of integrity, a man of his word, honest as the day is long. Dependable.

Thoughtful, considerate to an extraordinary degree.

Perfect? No. Amazing? Yes!

Rock solid, unwavering, sold out to God. “No matter who falls away, we stand strong.”

He took us on adventures to the mountains and the beach.

He played endless hours of ball in the backyard.

He took the boys exploring and made discoveries like “the mud hole” and “prayer mountain.”

Is it really any wonder that our boys all love and serve God, and I am one happy, loved, and cared-for woman.

Larry Jordan is my hero.

Perhaps you might look at your husband and see only a mild-mannered reporter. Look a little closer, for without those glasses, he could very well be your super-hero, and when needed most, he will come and save the day! Feel free to tell us about him in the comments.


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  1. What a beautiful list! This is perfect for the “hero” prompt, I think, and so good for our souls to look a little closer to see the superhero in those dear ones closest to us. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I am so grateful for the man that Larry is. Nick matches so many of the descriptions you wrote out here and I could not be any more blessed for the hero of a husband that I have!

    1. That’s hilarious! Nick was signed into my account so he could fix the appearance of the website. What a delight it gives Larry and I to see the two of you on your journey way ahead of where we were at your age!

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