A Conversation with God

Presence4There is nothing in the world more precious than your Presence. Let’s say that I am in your Presence right now. I am aware that You are here on the sofa with me. You are willing to listen and talk about anything I want. Just being with You brings me peace and joy. I feel calmer now. I can see the love in Your eyes. I can sense the wisdom that You have. You are totally unruffled. I just sense that You are not the least bit concerned about any of the things we are, though you patiently listen and smile. They just aren’t that important in the scheme of things. I am looking into Your eyes and knowing suddenly that none of this matters. You have much bigger plans and ideas. You can see it all fitting together.Presence3

Would You be able to impart that wisdom to me? Can You impart that sense of knowing that everything is okay? Do I have some power to affect things for the better here? If I could, I would put love in the hearts of everyone I know. I would give peace to everyone I know. I would provide the finances that each one needs and some more for fun, but wisdom would come with it. Confidence love, joy, and peace would be the norm. Could we make this world better?  Can You give me a vision of what you want to happen? Can I do something today to help bring it to pass? What do You have in mind for tomorrow if it all went Your way? Just let me know what You want me to do, and then if You will help me, I will do it! Let’s go!Presence5


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