Footprint of a Friend

On Wednesday night of last week a most incredible thing happened to me. I received an award that was totally unexpected. Very few things in life catch me off guard. I am the last person you could plan a surprise party for because I pick up on tiny little clues. I read body language. I catch nuances of expressions. I “overhear” things.  I would do better at surprising myself because sometimes I never know what I am going to do from moment to moment. I don’t think you could surprise me, but you are welcome to try.

AwardsBut tonight I was at an awards banquet for my company. It was an incredible meal, maybe the best we have had as a collective group of employees. I was sitting with some of my favorite people. It had been a pleasant day off and everything was perfect. Along with several other coworkers, I appreciated receiving recognition for outstanding performance last year. There were door prizes, speeches, and a slideshow.

It was nearing the end of the evening when they let us know that they were giving a special award. I had no time to ponder who would receive such an award. This award was to honor one of our supervisors who had recently passed away in a sudden bout with cancer. He was gone within 30 days of the diagnosis, and we were all devastated at the news. I have written about my friend, Maury here. It was said well that “he lived a life that mattered.” This tribute written by my friend and coworker, James Cole, says it best:

“Though I knew Maury as a coworker and member of management, I think it was my greatest privilege to call him friend.  Earnest in all endeavors, concise in thought, yet gentle in spirit.  Above all Maury was genuine. He believed every word of every ‘morning meeting pep talk’ that he gave.  They say that your legacy is your life’s footprint, and Maury touched so many lives that his life’s footprint won’t soon be erased.  One of my favorite sayings is ‘Friends are the family you choose.’  I’m glad he chose me. He was a natural leader, and a better friend.”


All of us who knew him had been affected by his life in a positive way. When I was announced as the first recipient of the Maury Smeyne award, I received the greatest treasure, I have yet been given or could ever imagine being given. It was such an honor and a mandate to touch lives in some way as Maury had. I will be praying and meditating on a daily basis on how I can be more positive, encouraging, and uplifting to my fellow workers and others that I share the world with.

God is such a big God, and I know he needs all of us to spread His love, His joy, and His faith as Maury did to everyone we can every day. I am so thankful if, in some small way, I have touched a few so far. I am wide open for God to pour love and encouragement through me. I want to reach out to the world in a greater way than ever for God, and for Maury.

Please feel free to list your prayer requests in the comments or tell us  in what areas you would like to be encouraged today. The “Dare to Be Happy” crowd will be happy to pray and encourage you.SharySignature



  1. Sharon, I am so proud of you and so happy for you! I am not surprised that you were the first recipient of such a well deserved honor…Maury is smiling…so am I! 😍

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