A-Z New Year Goals

I’ll admit it. I love the alphabet. I love to alphabetize things, and I love to play games wherescripture key ring you give a word for each letter of the alphabet. On a side note, my favorite list of alphabetical gems that I have ever come up with is my list of A-Z scriptures that I have all on a ring. There currently is only one of these in my possession and the formatted version has been lost from my computer. It is a goal of mine to recreate the scripture ring, making them available for those who want them. I love everyone of these verses, as I have meditated each one many times. Now for an all new A-Z list!

wed1Taylor, recently did an A-Z list of random facts about her. I sure love that girl and could never have picked a better help mate for Nick! Her list inspired me to make a new list of A-Z right here, right now.

This is my list of goals for the exciting New Year soon upon us. I used the first word that came to my mind for each letter, so I will see what the Lord will show me as I attempt to fulfill each one. I believe he gave me a couple of ideas to get me started, but you should expect some blogs later on these goals as they develop.

new yearA-Ask Ask more questions about people I talk to so that I show I am interested in, and care about them.

B-Believe Take the limits off. Believe that nothing is impossible with God.
























Z-Zip it.

Now that you’ve read my list, feel free to add your own A-Z list here or blog it. It can be your list of favorite foods, attributes, random facts like Taylor’s, or goals like mine. Jump in this bowl of alphabet soup and have some fun. And if you can’t give us all 26, at least favor us with a few. Happy New Year! 2014 will be awesome! God has a plan. I can feel it!

Today’s Verse: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Try This: Make your list and share it. Have some fun today. If you have a blog, please leave a link here.



  1. Wow, Sharon, all of these things will break your year wide open!
    First I giggled at the very last one: Zip it.
    Then I thought, No, what God will do through this list is UNzip it — unzip your life so that all kinds of new and exciting things burst through.
    You’re right. 2014 will be awesome!

    1. Your comment means a great deal to me! This had been my first year blogging and I have benefited most from your posts! LTHE one you posted today was extremely motivating! No limits for 2014. You should have at least one new book published and be recognized as a motivational speaker!

      1. Thank you! I will say that this comment (and all of your wonderful compliments) mean the world to me. The suggestions you provide are indeed the goals I have. It’s nice to see proof of God answering prayers. Through your feedback, i realize that i can indeed accomplish these goals and positively impact others. Thanks again and have a wonderful day : )

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