Five Minute Friday: Fly

This is my first time on “Five Minute Friday.” The timer is set for five minutes. The clock is ticking. Oh what have I gotten myself into? Well, I am sure to meet some nice folks who can say a lot in five minutes. I am sure to get some inspiration. I am probably the only one who is doing this for the first time. Maybe some of these good folks will be coming over to see my blog and will find some encouragement and a new friend here, so what have I got to lose?

When I think of “Fly,” I see an airplane, hot air balloonand there’s Superman, and then there’s the Fly, the movie that scared me. “Help me!” said the little voice with the man’s face. Did anyone see that? But in my writing, I must use this topic to encourage someone, and reveal myself, and be brief and to the point using powerful words. My fingers have stopped flying over the keyboard, while I ponder the message. And I hear the song, “Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon.” And I am blasted to the past hearing that song, but then rocketed to the future where in my imagination I am riding in a hot air balloon. I am riding high above the challenges I face amidst the comfort of my life. I get a new and fresh perspective. I can see God’s hand in how it all fits together and creates a beautiful landscape of hills and valleys, rocky places and beautiful green meadows, and I have peace.



  1. I posted right after you on Five Minute Friday and so glad to find your post. I love your post. I like how you linked the word fly into so many different images that were floating through your mind. God’s peace is amazing!!

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