Do you Dare to Be Happy Today?

I really want you to be happy. In fact, “I dare you to be happy.” I know that you are always up for a challenge. You will hold your head straight up and reach deep inside to draw on what is inside of you to accomplish something that you wouldn’t normally tackle. You’re up for the task. You will take the dare. Why should you dare to be happy? Because you can!

thoughts4You control your happiness! You can do it! Most of us have believed that our happiness follows our circumstances. We will be happy when we meet the right person, have the right job, have more money, get out on our own, or take a vacation. In reality, the opposite is true. Our circumstances somehow change in response to how happy or unhappy we are. If we are happy, we attract the right person. Sometimes even the job we have becomes the “right job,” or we are better equipped through our happy and positive attitude to be chosen for the promotion or better job. Money seems to come more readily to those who are happy and expectant than to those who are complaining about the price of everything going up and how little money they have, or how bad things are. Money seems to run from them. These are all strange but true phenomenon. Circumstances follow our feelings. But how can I control my feelings? Our feelings follow our thoughts, and we can control our thoughts!

thougths2You can go ahead and be happy today because it is a choice. We get in our car and decide to turn left or right. In the same way, we choose what thoughts to accept as true. And this, to a large degree,  determines how happy or unhappy we are.We don’t always do this consciously, more often we do this subconsciously. Very subtle thoughts come to us by the thousands throughout the day. We don’t even realize we are thinking. It is simply the dialogue that continues in our minds.

thoughts7The big lesson we must learn in daring to be happy is  that just because we think it, doesn’t make it so.  Sometimes we accept thoughts that really are not true or relevant to us, but because we accept them as true, we begin to feel unhappy, even miserable just because we gave weight to something that wasn’t necessarily true. We choose whether we will accept a thought and how much weight we give to it. The more we feed that thought the more weight it has. If we dismiss a thought as irrelevant or untrue or unwanted, then it goes it’s merry or not so merry way out of our mind with no effect on us.  Thoughts are just thoughts. We are the ones that give them power. Which thoughts do you want to empower today? Your happiness depends on this!

thoughts1Here are some suggestions:

“I am happier than I’ve ever been!”

“God is with me today. God is helping me today. I am someone very special to the Lord.”

“Everything is working out perfectly for me.”

“I trust in the Lord with all my heart and He directs my steps.”

“I am full of the love, and joy, and peace of God today.”

thoughts5Today’s Verse: “See, I have set before you today life and  death,  good and evil.” Deuteronomy 30:15

Today’s Actions: Choose the thoughts you want to feed today, and dare to be happy.


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