It’s Not All Bad!

device2I survived it, but it was awful and I do not plan to do it ever again to that degree! What am I talking about? Tech-Free-Tuesday, of course! At midnight on Tuesday, October 22, I turned my Galaxy S4 off and left it alone except for live phone calls until 11:10 Tuesday evening. I went 23 hours without it. Yes, I cut it short by an hour because I had tons of messages to check before I fell asleep.

The thing I learned from this was that it’s not all bad, not by a long shot. I had already realized there were benefits to our high-tech world, but I gained a new appreciation for the value of being able to be in touch with those we love! How wonderful it is to be able to say “How are you doing? and “Love you!” several times a day. And “What’s for dinner?” is important information that affects the quality of our life. Here are the list of benefits I came up with, and they definitely stack up favorably against the idea of giving up technology:

The Benefits of Technology

  • Social media gives you the ability to make positive comments, share positive sayings and communicate things that are on your heart through blogging.
  • Texting lets your family and friends know you are thinking of them throughout the day.
  • Google allows you to get answers to basically any question that comes up throughout your day,
  • Instagram provides a way for you to see pictures of your loved ones, which goes a long way when you can’t be close enoughEmmerson with G & P for hugs.
  • With Pandora and Spotify, you can listen to any kind of music you want.
  • Podcasts enrich your life and enhance your education.
  • Many websites provide you with articles that uplift you and make you laugh.
  • There are even times when beating a level in a game provides a much needed break.

I am more grateful today for living in this day and time than I have ever been. I am delighted that I can enjoy the benefits of modern technology. I am overwhelmingly appreciative of the opportunities we have to communicate through technology, yet, I also have an enhanced recognition of  the importance of valuing those we love when we are with them. The greatest lesson I have learned from Tech-free-Tuesday is to be grateful for the ability to have almost constant access to those we love and need to communicate with, and at the same time, I must also appreciate, value, and take advantage of the ineffable experience of spending time with them face to face. When I am privileged to be in the presence of my family and friends, I can lay down my device, walk away, and give them my full attention. That is the new challenge, and with God’s help, I will rise to the occasion so that they never question how valuable they are to me.

Will I participate in Tech-Free-Tuesday on October 29? Yes, I will, but this week I will evaluate the fruit of my actions. I’ll be asking these questions:

  • Do I feel there was value in the use of technology, or did it devalue someone else.
  • Did it take away from something my Heavenly Father wanted me to be doing, or did I use it for His Glory.

Then I will base my new commitment upon that information, giving up those things that aren’t producing fruit. I sincerely hope, I’ll still be blogging on Tuesday! Look for my new commitment on my Dare to Be Happy Facebook page. Blessings to all of you. Thanks for daring to be happy with me!SharySignature

The Prize: Two winners (minimum 20 comments) will be randomly chosen from those who make the big commitment and will receive a $10.00 Amazon gift card. Spread the word. Only one entry per person. Family members are eligible. We still need 13 comments to be able to give away a prize. You could be a winner with a commitment of as little as 2 hours of your time. Example: No using devices while in presence of family or friends,  no television for 2 hours, or no candy crush for 2 hours. You decide what you value.

Today’s Verse: And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Today’s Action: Evaluate the fruit of your use of technology. Does it add value to your life or the life of others? Be thankful for the people in your life and the blessings God has given you to live in this day and time. Prepare to make a commitment for Tuesday, October 29, 2013 and leave it in the comment below.



  1. I wish I had the “tech savvy” to utilize all of these benefits! I think this post is full of great information…well done!


  2. I agree completely!! I’ve really been looking forward to TFT as a way to guarantee that the night won’t be lost to boring tv. Sometimes it’s relaxing but not when it’s every single night for me!

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