Please Step Away from the Device!


My Confession: I think I am being controlled by my smartphone. I rarely leave the room without it. I often check messages, Facebook, and Instagram several times in an hour. If I am playing a game, I often say just one more game at least 10 times. If a question comes up, I immediately google to find the answer, and worst of all If someone is talking to me, it might appear that I do not hear them.

The Remedy: A dozen times over the last few days, I have left the room without my smartphone, and once I left it alone for an hour and a half. I have gone two weeks at a time without playing a game, and I have turned off the notification alert so I wouldn’t even know when a new email came in. Now I am ready, . .almost ready to make the big commitment to let my smartphone know who is in charge.

The Big Commitment: From 2 to 24 hours on Tuesday, step away from the device!. You can decide what and how much you want to give up. It begins on Tuesday, October 29. I’m doing a trial run on October 22, but the official very first ever Tech-Free-Tuesday (TFT) will be Tuesday Oct 29. Come join me! You can do it. Just simply walk away. Leavedevice1 it alone. Be free. Be in control. You know you want to. That’s what I’m going to do on TFT. It can be two hours or a whole day to basically go back in time, just a few short years ago TBT (time before texting.) Later, we will reevaluate and determine how to bring our technology back under our control on a permanent basis. After all there are some benefits associated with today’s technology. I think it just needs to be tempered with common sense, self-control, and consideration of others, and perhaps we need to start with something radical like the big commitment.

My Commitment: I’m going to put away my amazing Galaxy S4 at 9:00 a.m. eastern time and leave it alone until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 22. Also the lid to the laptop will be closed that day as well. Note to self: Be sure to give family members a back-up phone number and/or make a live call to check in a few times during the day.

Come Join Me: If you’re up for the challenge to see what you’ve been missing while in cyber world, enter your commitment In the comment section, tell us how you will implement Tech-Free-Tuesday. You make your own rules, whether it is two hours away from the television or 24 hours with no devices at all. Just be sure it is something different from what you normally do. Copy and paste the button below on your blog and/or Facebook status so others can join us.

The Prize: Two winners (minimum 20 comments) will be randomly chosen from those who make the big commitment and will receive a $10.00 Amazon gift card. Spread the word. Only one entry per person. Family members are eligible.

Today’s Verse: And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Today’s Action: Leave a comment saying that you will be joining us for Tech-Free-Tuesday. Tell us what your commitment is, and identify yourself with your first name or nickname and state or country you are from, then copy and paste the button (the square Tech-Free-Tuesday above) with a link to this site so others can join us.





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Happy TFT!




    1. Thanks for joining Michelle. You are entered in the drawing. I hope we will get 13 more comments (mine not included) so I can give the prize. Just having some fun here and learning about life and how to live it! Thanks for all you do every day to help people! You are a blessing. Don’t think about moving!

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