Breaking Away

freedom3Are there things you just want to change about yourself? Bad habits, wrong thought patterns, addictions, fears, weaknesses, hindrances? Is there anything you feel might be holding you back from what God has planned for you? What is standing in the way of the perfect freedom and harmony with Him that He has planned for you? Anything that is keeping you from being who He created you to be can be broken off of you, even things you have struggled with for years. You don’t have to continue to put up with it. God is calling us to freedom today. The world needs all of God’s people to be free and to lead others to Truth and Victory in these days.

freedom2Are people seeing you as you really are? Are you kinder on the inside than the way others see you? Are you funnier on the inside? Do you care more about people than they know? Do you love God more than you are saying because you don’t want to seem too spiritual or religious? Do you have things to say that you’re not saying because of what people might think of you. Do you feel confined like you’re not really being yourself, and you try but you just can’t seem to break away?

freedom1Picture a glass cube like you might see in a science fiction movie. You are confined in that glass cube. You do not have freedom of movement, and you are talking but no one can hear you. There is a you inside of the cube that wants to break away and be vulnerable to the world. It is a risk, but it is well worth the risk to have full range of motion and to be yourself. You will have full access to friendship and the opportunity to open up to others who need your insight and your friendship. Break away. Can you let God take His mighty hammer and break that glass prison? It shatters and you are free. As you allow the Spirit of the Lord to fill you up, you will stay free! It is your destiny. He made you the way you are to fit into His perfect plan. He made you to live free of all hindrances and to walk and live in freedom. Let Him set you free today.

Today’s Verse: Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17

Today’s Action: Ask God to set you free today and allow His Spirit to fill you up so that you live and walk in freedom from this day forward.



One comment

  1. Love this, Sharon! It occurred to me yesterday that although I do wear God nearly everywhere I go, I could do it in a deeper way. I could be just a bit edgier with my faith. Fear of people can be a doozy!

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