Time for Change

Are we like we are because that’s how we see ourselves. How can I change how I am to something different? I continue to go along with the ways I’ve been doing things, my habits, and my limitations. How can I become better than I am? How can I get heaven’s perspective of me, and how can I help others to get heaven’s perspective of them? Questions with answers forthcoming.

Here are two great answers received from comments. What can we add to this list?

1. Look to Jesus. The more we look at Him, the more of Him reflects in us. Later we can see that we have indeed changed to be more like Him.

2. Practice seeing yourself and others through God’s eyes.



  1. What I have found, Sharon, is the more I look at Jesus instead of looking at those things I want changed in me, the faster things change. It is the Word Himself at work in me. And then, a day comes when I realize that thing has changed, and I “melt” all over again at the amazing goodness and love of my Savior Who lives in me!

    And, by the way, He is thrilled with you just as you are, even if you never change, dear Sharon! Jesus took care of all that for you. Rest. Rejoice!

    Love you! Thanks for being vulnerable by posting this. We can all relate.

    1. Oh, Kay! That was the beginning of a draft on my droid. A big oops, but I think I’ll clean it up with a couple of commas and a title and leave it as food for thought! And a lesson to wait till I’m on my computer to write random thoughts. Now I know what the icon means that I thought was “save draft.” Your kind comments made my day!

      1. Funny! I’ve never tried to do one on my phone, and think I’ll continue in that pattern so I don’t run into the same thing. 🙂 I wondered why you put two out the same day, but figured you were just really in writer mode.

  2. Sharon has an incredible talent writing that
    has been revealed to us and I feel SO blessed
    to be a part of her wisdom. And, I thank her
    for allowing herself to be a vessel to hear God’s words!

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