10 Things You Can Do With Jesus

Jesus6Imagine that you have been lost in the woods and have begun to feel quite alone and frightened, yet you hear Someone call your name. When you see Jesus coming toward you, you are filled with a sense of relief. “You say Jesus, I am so glad You are here!

Focusing on the Lord can open up wide, sweeping vistas to abundant life.”Things You Can Do With Jesus,” a sequel to “Lost in the Woods.” is a list of things you can do with Jesus as you purpose to spend time with Him. You might want to choose one and see where it leads you.

  1. Affirm your belief in Him. Tell Him who you believe He is.twists
  2. You can talk to Him about your fears. Tell him what keeps you awake at night. What things cause you to feel vulnerable and anxious? What does He say about your fears? Listen carefully.
  3. You can talk to Him about the twists and turns you have taken trying to find your way through life. He will help you make sense of it, and you will see that even when you went in circles and found yourself in the same place, it was all for a purpose.
  4. You can explore His creation with Him. He can point out things you miss when you aren’t looking. Explore the amazing intricacies of each creation. You can spend hours learning to notice His Divine touch in the world.
  5. You can be comforted in the darkness just by being with Him, walking or sitting in the woods or by a stream, saying His name.
  6. You can let Him lead you out of the woods into the green meadow, talking about life, about your family, your friends, things you like to do, things you wonder about.
  7. You can sit with Him or climb a tree with Him and talk about your dreams and plans.
  8. You can listen while He tells you about His dreams and plans for you.
  9. You can listen to His guidance, new insights, ideas, and direction.
  10. You can ask Him for the secrets of the universe and listen as He reveals Himself to you.

Jesus1Today’s Verse: Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Try This: Find something to do with Jesus every day. Have a great day and truly enjoy Him and His creation!



  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent info! I believe this list is actually endless. The more we do with Jesus, the more blessed we are. Have a wonderful day : )

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