One Voice

voice6When Emmerson Laine Jordan was born, I woke up the next morning, with a different view of the world. I looked around me and realized that all of the people we see every day are part of her world. What could I do to get all of these people to behave themselves so that her world would be a better place. Have you ever felt insignificant, powerless, even helpless? We really aren’t as insignificant, powerless, or helpless as we might think. . .because we have a voice. We have God’s voice in us; we have the Voice of Love in us. What we do with it each voice7day is up to us. It’s a choice we make every day whether it is done consciously or not. It makes a difference. And we are not alone. Listen to this song. Read the words, and let it speak to you, then be the voice today . . .for Emme, for your children, grandchildren, for yourself and others. Be His Voice. When Love speaks we cannot fail.

For best results click on the video below and then scroll down to read the words and sing along, then be the Voice that makes a difference today.

Just One Voice,
Singing in the darkness,
All it takes is One Voice,
Singing so they hear what’s on your mind,
And when you look around you’ll find
There’s more than
One Voice,

voice5Singing in the darkness,
Joining with your One Voice,
Each and every note another octave,
Hands are joined and fears unlocked,
If only
One Voice
Would start it on its own
We need just One Voice
Facing the unknown,
And that One Voice
Would never be alone
It takes that One Voice.

Ba ba ba da da da da,Group Holding hands
Ba ba ba ba ba ba da da da,
Ba ba ba ba ba ba
It takes that one voice

Just One Voice
Singing in the darkness,
All it takes is One Voice,
Shout it out and let it ring.
Just One Voice,
It takes that One Voice,
And everyone will sing!voice8


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