The Other Side of the Die

dice3 That’s right. Die. . .singular of dice, historically speaking. Nowadays we can say dice for singular or plural, kind of like deer and deer, but to get your attention, I decided to title this article, “The Other Side of the dice8Die.”  While I am randomly discussing weird words, I have a question for you. When you are alone in the kitchen, do you reach for the thyme and quietly say “thime” or do you really, even in the privacy of your own home actually say “time.” I was just wondering because it is very difficult for me to say and makes no sense at all and that is the whole point of “The Other Side of the Die.” Let me explain. When I am looking at one side of a die, let’s say I see a one, someone across from me will be seeing a six (as in one says “time” and another says “thime.”) Two other friends are going to see the two and the five. Every one of us sees things from our very own point of view, based on our personality, our experiences, and our beliefs.

When we can accept this, it opens up a whole new interesting world. We can look at ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, and sixes and have an understanding of how someone else might view the world. There are those who truly enjoy seeing weird speckle-faced aliens boarding dice6spaceships and trying to take over the minds of the crew and condemn them to spinning endlessly in space never to return home again. The same person might view a fun, light-hearteddice7 detective show like Monk as uninteresting, if not annoying. Once you realize that it’s just the other side of the die, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make one good and one bad, or one right and one wrong. It makes life interesting.

In another scenario we may have someone who loves Christian rock music while another dice10prefers contemporary music. That becomes okay and even interesting. Hopefully, this leads to dialogue, when did you first start liking that kind of music. Do you have memories associated with that from your past. Why do you like only chocolate ice-cream. dice9What’s not to like about pizza or avacodos? There are even those who don’t care to read Christian fiction. Tamera Alexander, you didn’t hear it from me! Learning to first respect the idea that someone else might see things differently, and then to even explore the person from that aspect is a wonderful thing! It is like giving vivid colors to an otherwise drab one-sided way of looking at life. Differences are simply a springboard for digging deeper, for asking questions and finding out more about those you love and those you meet.

Sir Isaac NewtonTaking the concept to another level, there are many sides to every strongly held belief, yet, let us not be mistaken in the fact that there is Absolute Truth, Absolute Right and Wrong just as there are laws that govern the universe like the law of gravity, inertia, and the law of lift. It is important to have a firm foundation on which to stand as we develop our way of looking at the universe. Thank God that He is unchangeable. His laws are right and true and His plan of salvation through His Son is sure and true!

Standing on our firm foundation, we are free to accept and understand others even when their views are diametrically opposed to our own. An excellent case in point is shown  in the article you should read here. 

The article describes how Dan Cathy reached out to Shane Windmeyer, the founder anddice4 executive director of Campus Pride, the leading national organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT)   who started a national campaign against Chick-Fil-A because of their support of the traditional view of marriage. Mr Windmeyer describes how Dan Cathy, president and COO of Chick-Fil-A obtained his cell phone number from a mutual acquaintance and then contacted him through texts and phone calls which led to face-to-face meetings opening  the door to further communication and understanding between the two. Shane L Windmeyer speaks of the efforts extended to him by Dan Cathy. “It is not often that people with deeply held and completely opposing viewpoints actually risk sitting down and listening to one another. We see this failure to listen and learn in our government, in our communities and in our own families.” And he goes on to say, “Throughout the conversations Dan expressed a sincere interest in my life, wanting to get to know me on a personal level. He wanted to know about where I grew up, my faith, my family, even my husband, Tommy. In return, I learned about his wife and kids and gained an appreciation for his devout belief in Jesus Christ and his commitment to being ‘a follower of Christ’ more than a ‘Christian.’ Dan expressed regret and genuine sadness when he heard of people being treated unkindly in the name of Chick-fil-a — but he offered no apologies for his genuine beliefs about marriage.”

So whether it be differences in our entertainment preferences, our music, our political viewsdice1 or our understanding of Scripture, we can open doors of communication by asking questions, being respectful, calm, and kind and simply having fun by looking at something in a new way. Turn the die around, look at each side. Know that each and every person is important to our Creator and look more deeply at what makes them who they are. “Time or thime,” it really doesn’t matter. It’s all in how you throw the dice.



  1. Good article on point of view! I agree it is so important to listen to other people’s point of view, but to stand true to your beliefs especially if it is routed in God’s Word! Well said Sharon! Keep on writing!

  2. Great points, Sharon, and wonderfully “painted” so that all who would could see. Jesus loves each one, no matter their views or quirks. Oh, that we might know truly how much He loves us so as to be unafraid truly to let Him love others through us without limit!

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