“Mmmmmmmm!”  Your eyes are closed, the spoon is held midair; it has just left your mouth. What was it? It was something “delightful.” That is obvious from your expression. Perhaps key lime pie with all it’s tartness, warm brownie with melting ice-cream or flaky apple pie. You really are enjoying that aren’t you? That’s what delightful means, something you really enjoy. You are savoring the taste or the moment or the Person.delightful surrender

Because this is a Bible Challenge day, try to meditate this “delightful” verse as many times as you can throughout the day. Let it roll over in your mind or say it out loud. Tell others about it, but first read the following and try taking just the first four words, making them yours.


Delight in the Lord, and He shall

give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

I have always loved that verse because it promises me that God will eventually give me what I want if I just delight in Him. I have focused on the end of the verse and thought about and made lists of things I desired. Then, I would try to be open to His ideas on the subject and try really hard to make sure they line up with His will and His desires. I even came to the revelation that He actually gives us our desires. He puts in our heart the things He wants us to have or do or be. That’s all very exciting and encouraging!

Yet, I suspected there could be more! So I take the verse and turn it around, look at it from all sides and then lift off the top of it. I take the first 4 words, “Delight in the Lord.” I say that part several times. I picture myself delighting in the Lord. I’m smiling, I’m laughing. I’m singing and dancing. And why not? delightfulpresidentIf given the chance to actually spend time with the wisest, most loving, most literally creative person in the world, would we not be delighted; would we not truly enjoy being with Him? We can get excited about seeing a celebrity, a baseball player or a president. To have the undivided attention of God himself, if we but fathom it, would bring sheer delight indeed. We would be excited  at the very thought of it and thrilled each moment in His Presence.

delightfulchildAs you’re spending time with Him, delighting in Him, imagine receiving one crumb of wisdom or one creative idea from the Creator of the universe.  Just getting His perspective would be delightful! What questions would you ask? What might He like to tell you? Delighting in Him? We can do this every day. And the delightful part of it all is that when we do this, we have the desires of our heart; we have Him!



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