Be Care-less Today

Cares? You really don’t need them. All they really do is slow us down and keep us from being rock throwerproductive. It is like we are pulling a sack of rocks behind us while trying to run a race. I have a suggestion for today: take each rock, each care out of the bag, look at it for one last time, then pull your arm back like a professional baseball player and throw that rock as far as you can into the ocean of God’s love. Did I forget to mention that I am picturing you standing on a gorgeous, sea-shell studded beach with your toes digging in the sand, rays of sunshine, glimmering on the water, causing it to change into rock thrower babymultiple shades of blue and green. You have a beautiful and exciting day ahead of you that you can enjoy with family or friends or people you meet. Don’t wait another moment, start throwing those rocks far away into the sea.

  This is a Bible Challenge day so as you meditate this verse up to one hundred times today, keep throwing those rocks until the bag is completely empty. And as daylight turns to evening, feel the waves of God’s goodness lap up around your feet and experience peace.  beach twilight

beach feet2Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

I Peter 5:7

Oh, and by the way, about your cares? Don’t worry about them, they will be taken care of.

A beautiful and exciting day belongs to you!




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