You are Loaded!

Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Psalm 68:19


Our second Bible Challenge is Psalm 68:19. I affectionately call it the “B” verse. Try to say or think each Bible Challenge verse 1 time a day. Now I just said that to get your attention. The real challenge is to say it 100 times today. That’s just 10 x 10. You may think of it at ten different times during the day, and each time meditate or say the verse 10 times. There is no penalty for not completing the task, so see how far you can get and how much benefit you receive from what you can accomplish. Remember each verse is full of life and a little extra life in your day has to be a good thing!

This particular verse is dear to me because it is one we used to post in our car. We printed it out on a big sheet of paper and taped it to the dash of the car. The boys and I would say it ten times each time we got in the car. Once 5-year old Nick received a twenty dollar bill from a well-known traveling minister, and he was certain it was a result of having meditated on that verse.

Truly, the Lord does load us with benefits daily. Just think of all the things that didn’t happen to you yesterday. For example, I didn’t break a leg, break an egg, break the bank or have a flat tire. Now I can’t say that every day. One day last week, we had two flat tires on two different cars in one day, but that’s a different story. There really are so many things that God and His angels are doing every day to keep us safe and to move us along into our destiny. There are many things that could go wrong and don’t every day! And many things that absolutely go right that we hardly notice. Let’s notice today and be thankful. Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.

If you take the challenge of saying or meditating this verse at least once today, let me know and have a terrific day, loaded with benefits!

Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits,

even the God of our salvation. 

Psalm 68:19


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