Happy Hour

Happy Hour? You’ve probably heard of it. I’ve passed by some nice restaurants and seen the placard out front beckoning passersby with their flashing sign, “Happy Hour, 4-7, free appetizers.” Tempting, sounds interesting, sounds like fun, free is good. I heard that “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” and people generally smile when they say that. Why is that?

Happy Hour? I like the sound of it.  Many happy hours have been spent reading, playing games, watching good movies, listening to music. Sinatra and Manilow can always make me smile. I love making plans for a trip and taking a trip or just a short ride with the family. I love to eat at a great restaurant with family or friends. I’ve had a lot of happy hours doing these things, and I’ve yet to count the happy hours spent playing with the kids and watching and helping them grow up. I should also count the date nights with Larry every week for years and even now as often as possible. Yes, happy, happy hours. These are just a few of the things I have done which have blessed me with happy times to think about and be thankful for. They are part of who I am. You have your own happy hours, and every one of them is an important part of your life.

Then let’s take it higher. Have you experienced some rich times with God. Have you been enriched by His Word, heard His Voice, been touched by His Nearness? Seen a miracle or been a partner to a miracle, prayed for others or encouraged others, asked questions and searched for answers, talked late into the night with friends and family about eternal truths. Truly happy hours!

As I step into today, I’m thinking I like the concept of “Happy Hour.”  It truly is five o’clock somewhere, and I’d like to have a Happy Hour every day. I’m going to pick a time and throughout that hour, I’m going to be as thankful as I can possibly be, thanking God for all of his blessings, big and small, for all of the happy hours He has blessed me with throughout my life, counting the ways He enriches my life every day. I’m going to take that hour every day as an hour of gratitude, of thanking God for His abundant blessings in my life. Can I do it every day from now on? Maybe. Can I do it today? Yes, I can. It’s my Happy Hour. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Enjoy your day!




  1. I really like this! It’s a great perspective of life. I CAN be happy and I can be happy now. No matter what’s going on I can be joyful in the Lord. Thanks for posting this.

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