Get Out of the Kitchen

It’s been years since the day that I first realized that our thoughts affect our feelings.  Larry and I were going through something, probably financial. I really don’t remember. We were standing on the beach. We were with a group of business friends at a network marketing convention. We were just standing there when I suddenly realized I was feeling pretty good. My next thought was, ” I haven’t thought about you-know-what for five minutes. And those were five of the best minutes I had had in probably weeks. The rest of the time I had been worrying about whatever it was and feeling more and more frightened by whatever it was and oppressed about it. Try this:  Just don’t think about it. It will be there later for you to think about if you want to. Let it go. You really don’t have the answer, and you’re probably not going to be able to figure it out anyway. Believe it or not, that was good news!

By getting our negative thoughts out of the way, you’ll get your hands out of the mess and let Bigger Hands take over. I don’t know why God doesn’t  let us help Him more often. My mom was the same way. She’d let me cook any time I wanted to, and she didn’t care how big of a mess I made. I guess she knew I was learning some important things in my mess-making, but when it came time to clean up the mess, she didn’t need my help. She’d say go on out and play and I’ll clean up the mess. She was, and is still, the best at cleaning up messes. God is just that way, too, so the sooner I get out of the kitchen, the better.

Be happy today!




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